Travel & Express Terms of Use


The following terms are the terms of our courier services contract between our company, the sender and the receiver. With the waybill or receipt from our courier service, the terms of the contract are automatically accepted by the sender or any other person who has an interest in the transferred item.

  1. Our company assumes no liability for loss or damage to the transferred items, the deterioration of their destruction or the delay in transportation and delivery due to force majeure (accident, robbery, fire, etc.), due to poor packaging of the goods, burglary and theft and due to inadequate reception by the recipient. In cases of urgency or in cases where the goods transported are corrupted, the sender is required to notify the recipient by telephone.

  2. Money, valuables or other valuable products must be declared for their value, increased fare must be paid and placed in special envelopes and transported with a special service, or delivered by signing. The full name of the recipient must be stated, which upon receipt should present an Identity Card. Our company assumes no responsibility in in case of damage or loss when the above conditions are not met.

  3. No requirement will be considered unless it is given within three days of dispatch, a written notice from the sender to which the transfer waybill is attached. There is a link below with a claim form where the customer will fill and submit via email or to customer service to one of our branches. The total compensation that can be paid for loss, damage or destruction of a dispatched item will not exceed € 100.00.

  4. In cases where we are asked to collect the fare from the recipient and this is not possible by the refusal of the recipient, the payment of the fare will be paid by the sender.

  5. The transferred envelope is considered as a document / invoice / information transfer file etc and must not contain commodities / samples / items of value / money or other items.

  6. Our company has every right to check all the parcels / envelopes/ packages it carries.

  7. Our company is entitled to refuse to transfer items that it considers:
    • Unsuitable or uninsured.
    • Fragile.
    • In liquid form, which may cause leakage.
    • Οbjects that need to use Fork-lift for loading-unloading.

  8. For invoice receipts will be returned to the sender in cash or in cheque.

  9. The sender has read all the above terms and agrees with them.